Data Trust platforms are platforms that enable the secure exchange of data between data providers and data recipients. Within the project Transit a prototypical implementation of a data escrow platform for logistics orders takes place. The following components of the platform are offered for analysis in bachelor/master theses:

  • Database encryption: analysis of current legal regulations and state of the art techniques, as well as prototypical implementation and evaluation of the type, degree and implementation of encryption in terms of feasibility regarding throughput, transaction duration, etc.
  • Access logs: Analysis of current legal regulations as well as prototypical implementation of logging of data access; as well as tamper-proof storage of logs in a blockchain.
  • Document storage: Storage of digital documents (PDF, JPG, etc.), such as delivery bills, etc., which are required in the context of package delivery, and prototypical investigation of storage in a blockchain with regard to transaction duration, file format, etc.

Contact: Michael Koch