Targets & Concepts

The Logistics Living Lab is an open space for innovation, demonstration and collaboration to meet the logistics challenges of tomorrow with innovative information systems and technologies. A systematic research process brings together logistics stakeholders from industry, academia and government to make tomorrow’s logistics more efficient, greener and safer.

Specifically, the following goals are being pursued:

An environment that mimics true environmental conditions, with strong involvement of diverse stakeholders, to foster innovation and creativity in research and development work.

Instrument for the transfer of research results in the field of digitization to the regional economy with the close involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises

Qualification of young researchers with partners from the regional economy (apprenticeships, theses) in the field of digitization in logistics


Additive manufacturing processes
cloud logistics
Microservices and Docker containers
Big and Smart Data architectures for logistics
The Internet of Things (IoT)
Robotics and automation
Driverless transport systems/drones for “last mile” deliveries
Shareconomy Logistics
Linking logistics with adjacent areas (e.g. smart city, smart home, smart energy logistics)
Mixed Reality