Sucolo – SuCoLo – Fostering sustainable consumer behaviour with inclusive bicycle logistics infrastructure in urban outskirts

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The project “SuCoLo” aims to provide a solid conceptual, methodological and empirical understanding regarding how to motivate sustainable consumer behaviour and deploy inclusive bicycle logistics to foster net-zero ways of delivery and pick-up of goods in urban outskirts. The project’s co-created designs will be tested in Salzburg, Leipzig and Merano.

Tri5G – 5G-Reallabor im Leipziger Nordraum


The Tri5G model region addresses the research, testing and standardization of 5G-based services in public mobile networks, tailored to the requirements of industry and public services for regional as well as supraregional logistics use cases. The goal is to create a 5G research and test network in the northern region of Leipzig, which is dominated by logistics traffic and automobile production. This network can be used to test and evaluate professional industrial and governmental 5G communication services in a public mobile communications infrastructure and under real conditions.

TRANSIT – Data Trusts for Enhancing Logistics Collaboration


In the TRANSIT project, a cooperation model with innovative, integrated, data trustee-supported data processing for logistics companies is being developed and implemented as a prototype in the form of a platform. The data trustee, which acts as a B2B intermediary, is intended to enable and promote closer cooperation between companies. Using the trustee, sensitive business process data is exchanged that is not or only reluctantly shared under today’s conditions, such as information on loading capacities and delivery relationships.

DE4L – Data Economy 4 Advanced Logistics


The DE4L project pursues the development of an intelligent ecosystem within the framework of a platform for data exchange for logistics service companies. This is intended to avoid high levels of congestion on the part of delivery vehicles, costs due to incorrect deliveries, and repeated delivery and pickup attempts. The so-called “last mile” of the supply chain, i.e. the delivery and pick-up of parcels at the doorstep, offers a lot of potential for increasing efficiency. With the platform, DE4L strengthens the cooperation of service companies and promotes the digitization of information.

Finished projects

SMile – Smart Last-Mile Logistik


SMile stands for “Smart Last-Mile Logistics” in urban and rural areas. This means nothing other than the logistics of the future. In this innovative project, we are exploring the implementation of various modern logistics concepts based on IoT software that enables them.

SURTRADE – Smart Urban Retail Services


The SURTRADE project aims to develop contributions to the development of retail structures in the city of tomorrow in various subprojects. An interdisciplinary view from marketing, information technology, service science and urban planning is taken.